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How To Start Your Mobile Bartending Business Off On The Right Foot in 2022

Learn everything you need to know about pricing your mobile bartending service for success in 2022.

bartender with short nails pouring drink.

Long or Short Nails: What Is The Ideal Bartender Manicure?

Long or Short Nails: What Is The Ideal Bartender Manicure?

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Am I Too Old To Bartend? And If So, What’s Next?

Check out these tips on how you know if you’re too old to bartend and how to make a change if you are.

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Toronto Bartending Schools to Spice-Up Your Cocktail Repertoire

If, when friends or family drop by, your drinks repertoire extends to a somewhat limited offer of a bottle of warm beer or a poorly mixed Jack and Coke, perhaps it’s time to increase those home bartending skills. Cities across Canada and the US now play host to countless bartending schools, all of which guarantee…

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Bartender Tips: Basic Bar Lingo

Do you know what a flute is? Hint, it is not the instrument. Let’s outline basic terms, tools and anything else you might need to know vocabulary wise before you start bartending.

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Origins of Some Popular Alcoholic Beverages

Have you ever wondered about what you’re drinking all those times you’ve been in a bar or restaurant? Ever sat there, rolling the stem of a cocktail glass through your fingertips or studying the label on a beer bottle, and thought: where does it come from? What goes into it? Why was it made? Take…

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Bartender Tips: Five types of Problem Guests

“The first step in knowing you have a problem is to admit you have a problem.” Or so the saying goes. Pretty accurate quote to use, given it typically applies to substance abuse. At this juncture, you either work in or are attempting to work in an industry where you will regularly deal with intoxicated…

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Bartender’s Drinks: The Mighty Ceasar

Like the historical figure it is named after, the Ceasar continues to reign supreme as one of the most infamous cocktails of all time. This timeless classic can satisfy whether you are recovering from the night before, looking for a tasty treat or a rockin hearty nightcap. Born in 1969 in Calgary, Alberta, by restaurateur…

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The Importance of Managing Bar Etiquette as Good Business

Probably one of the most historically popular pastimes in human history is the gathering together at the old watering hole to socialize and mingle with one’s fellow compadres. It’s the one time when you can enjoy the taste of a more potent beverage and blend into a kind of atmosphere that can put everyone at…

Elite Bartending School – Miami Beach, FL

Located in the epicentre of Miami’s South Beach neighbourhood, a district renowned for its high-energy nightclubs, opulent hotels, Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing is in just the right place to respond to the constant demand for new bartenders and serving staff.