Bartending School Won’t Guarantee a Job, But it Can Help

If money is tight, you’ve lost your job or fancy a career change, or just want to wow friends and family with your ‘flair pouring’ skills at a forthcoming birthday party, bartending can seem like an attractive and practical option to rake in a little extra cash or experience. The difficulty lies in the fact […]

Toronto Bartending Schools to Spice-Up Your Cocktail Repertoire

If, when friends or family drop by, your drinks repertoire extends to a rather limited offer of a bottle of warm beer or a badly mixed Jack and Coke, perhaps it’s time to increase those home bartending skills. Cities across Canada and the US now play host to countless bartending schools, all of which guarantee […]

The Importance of Managing Bar Etiquette as Good Business

Probably one of the most historically popular pastimes in all of human history is the gathering together at the old watering hole to socialize and mingle with one’s fellow compadres. It’s the one time when you can enjoy the taste of a more potent beverage and blend into a kind of atmosphere that can put […]

So You’ve Decided You’d Like to Try out the Hospitality Industry

Good for you. You’ve selected an industry that tends to thrive in a recession and can be an absolute gold mine in boom times. You’ve looked around at the servers and bartenders who have served you in various establishments and said to yourself, “I could do this job.”  Well brace yourself, it can be a […]

12 Questions About the Smart Serve Certification Test

What is Smart Serve?Smart Serve (or SmartServe Ontario) was created with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in 1995 to provide training in responsible alcohol beverage service for the Ontario hospitality industry. Who needs Smart Serve certification?Smart Serve is now required by anyone who serves or handles alcohol and managers and security staff […]