Articles and tips about the bartending and the hospitality industry.

How to Become a Bartender in Alabama

Learn the requirements and steps to becoming a bartender in Alabama, from obtaining a license to honing your skills and landing a job.

How to Get Your Utah Bartending License

Raise the bar in Utah! Learn the straightforward steps to obtain your bartending license and jumpstart your exciting career behind the bar.

Drinking with Ghosts: Bartender Superstitions and Beliefs

As long as there have been bars, there have been ghost stories. From haunted pubs to spectral bartenders, explore the spooky superstitions of the bar world.

Jerry Thomas: The Father of American Mixology and His Beliefs

Discover the legacy of Jerry Thomas, the father of American mixology, and the intriguing superstitions and beliefs that inspired his most famous cocktails.

Harry Craddock: The Bartender Legend and His Superstitions

Step into the world of Harry Craddock, the legendary bartender whose cocktails still delight drinkers today. Explore his life, career, and the fascinating superstitions that influenced his craft.

The Secret Superstitions Behind Bartending Tools: Shakers, Strainers, and More

Get ready to shake things up! Discover the intriguing world of bartending tools and superstitions. From shakers to strainers, learn the fascinating beliefs and practices behind these tools of the trade.

From Bad Luck to Blessings: Bartender Superstitions Surrounding Spilled Spirits

Spilt your drink? Did you know it could be a bad omen? Uncover the superstitions and beliefs bartenders hold about spilt spirits and how they avoid them.

Why Bartenders Believe in Throwing Out the First Drink: Unveiling the Mystery

From throwing out the first drink to avoiding certain orders, bartenders have their own unique set of superstitions. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of bartending beliefs.

How to Get Your Bartending License in South Carolina

Get ready to mix and pour your way to a successful bartending career in South Carolina! This comprehensive guide walks you through the requirements and job opportunities in this booming field.

Why Do Bartenders Tap the Bar?

Ever wonder why bartenders tap the bar? Discover the communication, superstition, and technique behind this beloved tradition in bartending culture.