Bartender’s Drinks: The Mighty Ceasar

Like the historical figure it is named after, the Ceasar continues to reign supreme as one of the most infamous cocktails of all time. Whether you are recovering from the night before, looking for a tasty treat or a rockin hearty night cap this timeless classic can satisfy. Born in 1969 in Calgary, Alberta by […]

What Is Flair Bartending?

When it comes to performance, you need to rehearse to be prepared for the show. Rehearsal is your time to make mistakes, correct and then try again until you’re perfect. This applies to skills, sports and art. To be an expert, you need to practice, practice, practice and then practice more. So, lets talk flair […]

Vodka Basics: History, Drinks and Storage

Worldwide, vodka is one of the most popular spirits. One reason why is because vodka is a “chameleon,” so to speak. Virtually odorless and tasteless, vodka easily blends into nearly any other beverage, making it an excellent addition to a variety of drinks. Since it is such a popular spirit, it is vitally important that bartenders […]

Store-n-Pour Maintenance

Work behind the wood in any bar, lounge or club across the globe and you can virtually guarantee you will see a line of opaque plastic containers in the fridge or chiller cabinet, or sitting on the counter next to the soda gun: Store-n-Pours. These lifesavers are excellent for efficient storage of drink mixes, juices […]

Bartender Tips: Basic Bar Lingo

To know what you’re doing, you need to at least know what you’re talking about. Or so the saying goes. Highballs, cocktails, rock glasses, straight up, shaken, stirred, wet, dry, none of it makes sense. Why should it? You’re new. Totally ok.  Do you know that depending on the drink it comes in a different […]