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How to Be a Better Bartender (10 Useful Tips)

There are a thousand ways to improve your bartender skills, but here are ten of the best tips to get you started.

How Hard Is the Cicerone Beer Server Exam?

The Cicerone Beer Server Exam can be the ticket to a higher-paying job.

bartending tools and garnishes

Bartender Tips: Basic Bar Lingo

Do you know what a flute is? Hint, it is not the instrument. Let’s outline basic terms, tools and anything else you might need to know vocabulary wise before you start bartending.

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Bartending License Requirements for American States

Continuing our series on how to be a bartender worldwide, this week we’ve got the requirements for England and U.K. If you missed them, here are for Australia,  Canada, the U.K., and New Zealand. Bartending. You’ll be dealing with a broad range of clientele, from a lonely businessman who wants to tell you his life story, to…

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So You’ve Decided You’d Like to Try out the Hospitality Industry

Good for you. You’ve selected an industry that tends to thrive in a recession and can be an absolute gold mine in boom times. You’ve looked around at the servers and bartenders who have served you in various establishments and said to yourself, “I could do this job.” well, brace yourself, and it can be…

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12 Questions About the Smart Serve Certification Test

What is Smart Serve? Smart Serve (or SmartServe Ontario) was created with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in 1995 to provide responsible alcohol beverage service training for the Ontario hospitality industry. Who Needs Smart Serve Certification? Smart Serve is now required for anyone working where alcohol is sold, served, delivered or handled….

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Learn the requirements and steps to becoming a bartender in Alabama, from obtaining a license to honing your skills and landing a job.

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Raise the bar in Utah! Learn the straightforward steps to obtain your bartending license and jumpstart your exciting career behind the bar.

Drinking with Ghosts: Bartender Superstitions and Beliefs

As long as there have been bars, there have been ghost stories. From haunted pubs to spectral bartenders, explore the spooky superstitions of the bar world.

Jerry Thomas: The Father of American Mixology and His Beliefs

Discover the legacy of Jerry Thomas, the father of American mixology, and the intriguing superstitions and beliefs that inspired his most famous cocktails.

Harry Craddock: The Bartender Legend and His Superstitions

Step into the world of Harry Craddock, the legendary bartender whose cocktails still delight drinkers today. Explore his life, career, and the fascinating superstitions that influenced his craft.

The Secret Superstitions Behind Bartending Tools: Shakers, Strainers, and More

Get ready to shake things up! Discover the intriguing world of bartending tools and superstitions. From shakers to strainers, learn the fascinating beliefs and practices behind these tools of the trade.