Skills & Techniques

Master the art of bartending with precision pouring, drink memorization, and essential bar lingo. Elevate your skills for a seamless experience behind the bar.

A flair bartender making a Jerry Thomas's Blue Blazer cocktail at a jazz bar.

Bartending Tricks: Mastering the Art of Showmanship Behind the Bar

Successful bartenders know that engaging their guests is as important as making a great cocktail. To do so, many bartenders turn to flair bartending, where they perform tricks that enhance the experience of their guests.

Essential Drinks for Cocktails: Your Definitive Mixology Guide

Learn about the essential drinks every bartender should have in their arsenal for crafting delicious cocktails. From classic spirits like vodka and rum to versatile mixers like triple sec and bitters, this article covers the must-have ingredients for creating a wide variety of cocktails.

what vitamins are good for graveyard shift

What Vitamins Are Good for Graveyard Shift Workers: Essential Nutrients for Night-Time Employees

Discover the best vitamins for graveyard shift workers like bartenders to help boost energy, improve focus, and support overall health.

hydration tips for bartenders

Hydration Tips for Bartenders: Maintaining Health Behind the Bar

Stay hydrated on the job with these essential tips for bartenders. Learn how to balance the demands of a fast-paced environment with proper hydration to stay healthy and energized throughout your shift.

Bartender Wrist Pain

Bartender Wrist Pain: Effective Management and Prevention Strategies

Learn how to prevent and manage wrist pain as a bartender with these helpful tips and techniques. Find out how to avoid common injuries and keep your wrists healthy while working behind the bar.

bartending counts to ounces

Bartending Counts to Ounces: Mastering the Art of Precise Pouring

Learn the importance of precision in bartending and how to accurately measure and pour drinks using the “counts to ounces” method.

how many drinks can a bartender serve to one person

How Many Drinks Can a Bartender Serve to One Person at a Time: Legal Limits and Best Practices

iscover the legal limits and responsible serving practices for bartenders when it comes to serving alcohol to one person. Learn about the guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of patrons.

can you mix rum and wine.

Can You Mix Rum and Wine?

Discover the intriguing combination of rum and wine – learn the dos and don’ts, and explore creative cocktail ideas to elevate your mixology game with this unexpected pairing.

can you mix rum and vodka

Can You Mix Rum and Vodka?

Discover whether it’s a good idea to mix rum and vodka, and learn about the potential flavor combinations and cocktail recipes you can create with these two popular spirits.

what is the standard pour in a single mixer cocktail

What Is the Standard Pour for a Single Mixer Cocktail?

Learn about the standard pour for a single mixer cocktail and how to make the perfect drink every time.