Best Bartending Schools in Dallas, Texas

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  • Date: March 3, 2024
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If you’re considering a career in bartending or want to master the art of cocktail making, Dallas, Texas, offers a variety of schools and classes to get you started. This guide will explore Dallas’s best bartending schools and cocktail making classes and provide all the information you need to kickstart your journey.

The Importance of Bartending Schools and Cocktail Classes

Bartending schools and cocktail making classes provide essential skills and knowledge for anyone aspiring to work in the hospitality industry or a person simply wanting to impress at their next party or event. From learning about different types of alcohol to mastering the art of mixing drinks, these programs offer a comprehensive education that goes beyond the basics.

Overview of Bartending Schools in Dallas

Dallas is home to several reputable bartending schools, each offering unique programs and courses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top schools in the city:

ABC Bartending School

ABC Bartending School in Dallas is part of the United States’s large, privately owned bartending school system. They offer a bartending program with job placement assistance in any nationwide locations. The school’s owner has been training mixologists since 1977. The school offers flexible schedules and hands-on training. They claim to have strong ties with establishments that need bartenders, enabling them to place thousands of trained students in various bartending roles. The school also offers payment plans for those who qualify.

Address: 2639 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 152, Dallas, TX 75229


Texas School of Bartenders

Texas School of Bartenders offers a 2-week bartending course in Dallas, TX that teaches students how to be successful mixologists. The curriculum includes bar setup, breakdown, and checkout, free pour/shake and strain method with a high emphasis on technique, how to make over 150 drinks and 30 of the most popular shooters, and speed training. Upon completion, students earn a Texas Alcohol and Beverage Code Certification (TABC Cert) and a Texas School of Bartenders Certification. They also gain access to the school’s job placement assistance program, both locally and nationwide.

Address: 2639 Walnut Hill Lane #152, Dallas, Texas 75229


Brooklyn Bartending School

Brooklyn Bartending School offers a 7-day bartending program that covers all the fundamentals. The program includes learning about wines, liquors, beers, and over 200 mixed drinks. The school provides all the necessary equipment and learning materials. They also offer customized private lessons for all ages and abilities. Upon completion, students receive a state-issued license. The school also offers TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) training and certification.


Local Bartending School

Local Bartending School is in Dallas, the most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and the third-largest city in Texas. The school boasts 4548 graduates working in the state of Texas to date. The school offers a comprehensive bartending program that includes setting up a bar workstation, techniques to increase tips, using all bartender’s tools, best practices to detect when to stop serving a customer, and over 200 basic and fancy drink recipes.


How Much Does It Cost to Go to Bartending School in Dallas?

The cost of attending a bartending school in Dallas can vary depending on the length and depth of the course, ranging in price from $300 up to $ 1,000.

Are there any age restrictions for attending a bartending school in Dallas?

Yes, the minimum age to attend a bartending school in Dallas is 18 years, per Texas state law.

Do bartending schools in Dallas offer job placement assistance?

Yes, many bartending schools in Dallas offer free job placement assistance to their graduates. Some even have strong ties with local establishments and can help their students find bartending roles.

Are there any online bartending courses available in Dallas?

Some bartending schools in Dallas offer online education options. However, many hands-on courses require in-person attendance for the best learning experience. Check the schools’ websites listed above to see which ones offer online courses.

If you want to take a course online, we recommend looking at courses such as those offered by Masterclass and A Bar Above’s training for working bartenders. See this article for more information on classes available online.

What You Can Expect to Learn in a Bartending School

Bartending schools offer comprehensive programs that cover a wide range of topics. These programs are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the bartending industry. Here’s a closer look at what topics might be covered at a bartending school.

Understanding Different Types of Alcohol

One of the fundamental aspects of bartending is understanding the different types of alcohol. This includes knowledge about various spirits like vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. You’ll learn about the origins, flavours, and best mixers for each type of alcohol.

Mixing and Serving Drinks

A significant and fun part of the curriculum involves mixing and serving drinks. This includes learning over 200 basic and fancy drink recipes. You’ll learn the art of crafting cocktails, from classic ones like Martini and Mojito to more complex concoctions.

Using Bartending Tools

Bartending requires various tools such as shakers, strainers, muddlers, jiggers, bar spoons, and more. A bartending school or class will teach you how to use these tools effectively to mix drinks and serve customers.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial in the bartending industry. Bartending schools emphasize the importance of interacting with customers, handling difficult situations, and providing an overall excellent bar experience.

Health and Safety Regulations

Bartending schools also cover the health and safety regulations of the industry. This includes learning about responsible service of alcohol, understanding when to refuse service, and maintaining a clean and safe bar environment.

Increasing Tips

Another important aspect covered in bartending schools is the art of increasing tips each night. Through tips, you’ll learn various strategies to provide excellent service and increase your earnings each night.

Bar Management

Some advanced courses may also cover aspects of bar management. This includes inventory management, cost control, and other operational aspects of running a bar.

Remember to check the course description before signing up for a class. Most classes will focus on making drinks, while topics like bar management might be found in a more full-service school.

Cocktail Classes in Dallas

cocktail classes dallas

Apart from bartending schools, Dallas also offers cocktail bars and mixology classes for those interested in mastering the art of cocktail making.

People’s Dallas Cocktail Classes

People’s Dallas offers cocktail classes that kick off with a champagne toast and then teach you how to make two of their craft cocktails. You’ll learn techniques like shaking and stirring, how to make your own ingredients, infusions, and syrups, and their approach to making balanced cocktails. Everyone has their own cocktail station, so you’ll be making the cocktails live as your instructor shows you how. Classes are $50 per guest and run for approximately 1.5 hours. They hold classes from Tuesday to Sunday at various times at their venue.

Address: 5319 E Mockingbird Ln Suite 210, Dallas, TX 75206


Fun Mixology Class Dallas

Fun Mixology Class Dallas offers a 90-minute mixology class, the perfect activity for team building activities, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or date nights. You’ll learn what ingredients blend, what makes a cocktail taste fantastic, and how to make it look sensational. They offer classes hosted at their cocktail bars downtown or your home. The standard mixology class costs $97.50 per person, while the premium class, which includes shared platters with light appetisers and 60 minutes of open bar, costs $165 per person.


Tilt Cocktail Workshops

Tilt Cocktail Workshops offers a 2-hour cocktail class where you’ll learn the art of craft cocktails. The cocktail class first starts with a chilled glass of bubbles while your mixologist sets up your first cocktail. You’ll learn tips and tricks for making great drinks and shortcuts for entertaining and serving guests. During the creation process, you can participate in the drink preparation, technique, and garnishing steps. Each cocktail on their menu tells a story and is deliciously balanced. The classes are held in Dallas from Monday to Thursday between 4 pm and 9 pm with a 20-guest limit.


Mixology Classes US (Dallas)

Mixology Classes US Dallas offers both standard and premium mixology classes for private and corporate groups. The standard cocktail-making class includes a 90-minute lesson where you will learn to make three drinks. The premium package includes the mixology class, finger food, and a 90-minute premium open bar. These classes are perfect for team-building events, client entertaining, holiday party activities, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties. The mixology classes are very interactive and are held at local cocktail bars in downtown Dallas, Houston, and Austin. The classes are available from Monday to Sunday, but prior booking is essential as they don’t accept walk-ins.


How to Get a Bartending License in Texas

Obtaining a bartending license in Texas, often called a TABC certification, involves a few key steps. This certification is required for anyone selling or serving alcohol in Texas.

With your TABC certification, you can apply for bartending jobs in Texas. Many employers require this certification, which can increase your job prospects.

Remember of note, while a TABC certification is necessary to serve alcohol in Texas, attending a bartending school legally can provide you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your bartending career.

For more information, see this article on getting your Texas bartending license.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking to start a career in bartending or want to learn how to make impressive cocktails, Dallas, Texas, offers many opportunities for those looking to get a bartending license or take cocktail-making classes.