Metropolitan Bartending School – Vancouver

  • By: BT Staff
  • Date: January 20, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Promising to turn you from zero to a drink-pouring-hero in just twenty-four hours of class time, the Metropolitan Bartending School is a one-stop shop for aspiring bartenders and people wishing to get ahead in the hospitality industry.

Unfortunately, as of 2023, Metropolitan Bartending School has closed their Vancouver location. See here for more bartending schools in Vancouver.

Three short one-day seminars are also available, all costing $125 (although the price drops to $75 if any of them are combined with the Bartender Certification). The first is a Wine Tasting Seminar where you can increase your confidence around the subject of wine via a three-hour class which covers wine regions, flavour profiles, aroma and, of course, tasting. At the same time, the Flair Bartending Seminar will turn you into a true entertainer behind the bar, with tricks, bottle flips, and garnish magic designed to impress your customers. Finally, the Bar Chef Seminar will get you to create exciting cocktails and mix drinks with style.

ProServe Certification, which is mandatory in Alberta for anyone working with or around alcohol, is also provided by the school, and full training and certification cost just $30 when added to the Bartender Certification. Meanwhile, an all-you-can-learn package is also available in the school’s Master’s Program, which includes all of the aforementioned training courses – including ProServe – bundled together for $577, and which will equip you with all the skills and abilities to ease straight into your first job behind the bar.

As well as training, the Metropolitan Bartending School provides ongoing support in the form of one on one job coaching, interview prep, and a free online ‘Job Center’ – strictly for graduates only – where the cream of Canada’s bartending and hospitality jobs are posted regularly on its database.