Education & Training

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed in the world of bartending. From state license requirements to online training, find the path to becoming a certified bartender.

ABC Bartending School – Miami Beach

With schools stretching from the east to west coasts, from San Francisco to Boston, ABC has trained over one hundred thousand students and is the single largest privately-owned bartending school system in the United States.

New York Bartending School

Such is its cachet in an increasingly crowded market, the New York Bartending School (NYBS) attracts thousands of students each year, and successfully transforms them into high end, professional staff ready to enter the hospitality industry in the Big Apple and beyond.

Columbia Bartending Agency and School of Mixology

Instructors at the Mixology school are all pro bartenders and graduates of Columbia’s program and provide immersive, hands-on training utilizing the wealth of experience they have gained since completing the course, with many having worked around the world.

ABC Bartending School – New York City

Bar work and the hospitality industry had already been running in the blood of the Sylvester family for three generations when in 1977, Tony Sylvester – by now a Vietnam then bartending veteran – decided to go one step further and open his own small training class to pass on what he and his relatives…

Ultimate Bartending School – Edmonton

Designed as a one-stop-shop for budding bartenders, the Edmonton-based Ultimate Bartending School has been training staff for all manner of Canadian hospitality roles since opening its doors in August 2004.

Algonquin College Bartending Program

Ottawa’s renowned Algonquin College has a prestigious Bartending Program designed to get students to the level required by the ever-growing food and beverage service sector.

Metropolitan Bartending School – Vancouver

With twenty years under its belt, the company has seen more than ten thousand students graduate from its training program, is credited with raising the standard of service in bars, clubs and restaurants in Calgary, Vancouver and across Canada.

Brandywine Bartending School

Based in downtown Vancouver, their premises is a modern, 1100 square foot training facility with a classroom that contains a long bar and 11 teaching stations.

Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver

Established in 1973, and with over 25,000 graduates from its programs down the years, the company now has tremendous reach across the country with nine schools.

Its Vancouver branch is located in the city’s downtown area, right at the heart of the bar and restaurant scene

BareBones Bartending School

Formed in December 2014, BareBones Bartending School (BBS) is owned and run by Nick Peach and Geoff Nichols, two highly experienced individuals who have worked many of Toronto’s premier hotels, restaurants, private members clubs and bars.