North Dakota Alcohol Seller Server Certification

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  • Date: January 20, 2024
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Bartending is crucial in the hospitality industry, necessitating specific requirements and responsibilities, particularly regarding alcohol service. In North Dakota, understanding the guidelines for acquiring a North Dakota bartending license and serving alcohol on premises, is paramount.

Key Takeaways

  • North Dakota does not require a statewide bartending license. Several cities do require certification.
  • In North Dakota, you must be 21 to bartend and 18 to serve drinks.
  • Several cities in North Dakota require certification, including Dickinson, Fargo, Glyndon, Grand Forks, Watford, West Fargo, and Williston.

Does North Dakota Require a Bartending License?

In North Dakota, individuals who serve alcohol do not need to obtain a bartending license to comply with the alcohol service laws. However, like other states, those working in bars and restaurants might be required to take a responsible alcohol server training course for liability.

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Server Training for Cities

While The state of North Dakota does not mandate server certification, several cities and counties, including Dickinson, Fargo, Glyndon, Grand Forks, Grand Forks County, Watford, West Fargo, and Williston, have local laws requiring server training requirements to work as bartenders or servers. However, it is best to ask your employer what the local alcohol certification requirements are due to differences in enforcement.

Restaurant Jobs That Require a Bartender’s License

Restaurant jobs requiring responsible server training encompass many establishments, from upscale dining venues to casual eateries and convenience stores. Bartenders in North Dakota are required to acquire a license due to their direct involvement with alcohol service, ensuring responsible handling and sales.

North Dakota has Dram Shop Laws, meaning that people injured by a patron overserved can bring a claim against the alcohol server and the owner of a bar. Having your staff take responsible server training can help prevent these situations.

Strategies and Skills for Intervening in Alcohol-Related Situations

Equipping bartenders with common knowledge and effective intervention techniques is a key aspect of responsible alcohol service. Understanding how to prevent alcohol-related incidents and dealing with intoxicated customers is vital to maintaining a safe environment and upholding the legal responsibilities of a bartender.

Options for a Bartending License

Prospective bartenders in North Dakota have various options for obtaining a bartending license, ranging from in-person training to various online training courses. Understanding these options is crucial to selecting the most suitable path for fulfilling the server training course requirements.

Responsible Alcohol Service

Adhering to principles of responsible alcohol service is fundamental for all bartenders. Understanding how alcohol affects, the impact of alcohol and recognizing when to cease serving alcohol to patrons is critical in preventing customers from becoming overly intoxicated.

Skills Acquired During Training

Pursuing a bartending license through alcohol certification imparts a range of vital skills, including recognising minors, handling second-party sales, and addressing fake IDs.

Minors and Alcohol Sales

Adhering to state-specific responsible serving regarding alcohol consumption and sales to minors is a legal imperative in North Dakota. Bartenders must recognize minors and prevent their access to alcoholic beverages.

Staying Up to Date on Certifications and Requirements

Maintaining up-to-date certifications and requirements is a professional obligation for bartenders. Staying informed about changes in state laws and local jurisdiction regulations is crucial.

Level Up Your Bartending Skills

Beyond the server training, aspiring bartenders are encouraged to enhance their abilities beyond the bartender license continually. Advanced bartending skills can elevate a bartender’s proficiency and marketability. You might consider attending a local bartending school to grow your skills.

How Quickly Can I Get My Certificate of Completion?

The duration required to complete alcohol seller server training and obtain a certificate of completion varies depending on the chosen online course. Completion time for online alcohol seller server training is often flexible, allowing students to finish at their preferred pace.

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Minimum Age to Sell Alcohol in North Dakota

The minimum age to legally sell alcohol in North Dakota is 18 when you can start working as a server. However, if you are under 21, you must be directly supervised by someone who is 21 or over.


Understanding the intricacies of acquiring a North Dakota bartender license and the responsibility of alcohol service is vital for prospective bartenders. Complying with state laws and training requirements ensures a safe and compliant environment for all.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How quickly can I obtain my North Dakota bartender license?

Online courses often provide the flexibility to complete the training at one’s own pace.

Are there specific laws governing alcohol service in North Dakota?

Yes, in North Dakota liquor licensing and enforcing the retail liquor statutes is the responsibility of the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office. You can find more information on their website.

Can I complete the bartending certification course at my own pace?

Yes, online courses often allow you to complete the bartending certification at your own pace. This flexibility is beneficial for those with busy schedules.

Do you have to be 21 to bartend in North Dakota?

Yes, you must be at least 21 years old to bartend legally in North Dakota. You can serve alcoholic drinks at 18 but must be under the direct supervision of a person twenty-one or more years of age (source).

Can you bartend at 18 in North Dakota?

No, the legal age to bartend and be involved in alcohol service in North Dakota is 21. You can work as a server or barback, though, if you’re not mixing drinks and being supervised by someone 21 or older.

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