Bartender’s Drinks: The Mighty Ceasar

  • By: BT Staff
  • Date: January 20, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Like the historical figure it is named after, the Ceasar continues to reign supreme as one of the most infamous cocktails of all time. This timeless classic can satisfy whether you are recovering from the night before, looking for a tasty treat or a rockin hearty nightcap.

Born in 1969 in Calgary, Alberta, by restaurateur Walter Chell to celebrate opening a new Italian restaurant in the city, this cocktail is 100% Canadian. Who knew, right? One of the most popular mixed drinks in the nation, Canadians consume over 350 million of these bad boys a year. That’s a lot of hangover recovery, folks!

With numerous variations, the classic comes with Vodka and Clamato juice, spiced with tabasco, worchestire, rimmed with celery salt and then garnished with a stick of celery. Simple changes to this recipe include spicy or not, extra Worcestershire and switching out the Vodka for Tequila or Gin, and this is just the beginning. There are so many delicious variations and creative twists we could write a novel but let me share with you some of the best I have had.

Browns Socialhouse in North Vancouver, B.C. adds a wonderful amount of Horseradish to give their Ceasar an extra special spicy deliciousness. Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar in Ottawa, Ontario, which unfortunately closed in 2014, used bacon-infused vodka they made in house for their Cesars, and man, were they delicious. Also, a really simple treat some of my friends have loved for years, pickle juice and spicy green beans. There is always something cool and new to try in bartending, and the Ceasar is no exception to that rule. In today’s market, everyone is trying to make their mark and add a unique twist to this classic cocktail, but any great Ceasar lover will tell you, often the good old classic created by Walter Chell will more than do.

Wherever you work, and whatever their spin, take the time to learn how to make the classic perfect. People will keep coming back time and time again, trust me. Find the right balance between Worcestershire and tabasco, a little salt and pepper, and you can wow anyone. Once you master that, you can branch out and add your own little flair and nuances.

Remember, a classic is a classic for a reason, and while it can be fun to change it up and try something new, sometimes it doesn’t need to be altered to impress.

Jennie has worked in the bar and restaurant industry for nine years. She has been a host, expeditor, bartender, server and manager. She still works in the industry today part-time as a server at Milestones. Find her on Twitter @jenniedleaver.