Best Bartender YouTube Channels: Top Picks for Mixology Mastery

  • By: BT Staff
  • Date: January 20, 2024
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With the increasing popularity of mixology and craft cocktails, bartender YouTube channels have become an essential resource for aspiring bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. These channels offer a glimpse into the world of professional bartending, showcasing various techniques, recipes, and personalities that have shaped the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Bartender YouTube channels offer valuable insights into mixology techniques and cocktail recipes.
  • These channels feature both educational content for aspiring bartenders as well as engaging vlogs showcasing personalities within the industry.
  • The online community of bartenders and enthusiasts allows for continuous learning and growth in mixology.

From educational content covering all the answers and fundamental skills required to become a skilled mixologist to engaging vlogs detailing a bartender’s recipes and daily life, these channels provide invaluable insight and entertainment for all interest levels.

By turning to these top-rated channels, viewers can learn about the intricacies of creating unique cocktails, working with varied ingredients, and mastering the art of presentation. Moreover, the channels foster a sense of community among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, where ideas are made, elaborate recipes are exchanged perfected, and the love for the craft is celebrated.

Top Rated Bartender Channels

Steve the Bartender

Steve the Bartender is an experienced bartender based in Australia, showcasing a variety of cocktail recipes on his YouTube channel. He shares easy-to-follow tutorials and fun videos and offers insights into his favourite drinks, techniques, and equipment. While focusing on classic cocktails, Steve also explores more adventurous and unique concoctions.

Notable Features:

  • Wide range of cocktail recipes
  • Helpful tips and tricks
  • Engaging and informative content

Tipsy Bartender

Tipsy Bartender boasts a popular YouTube channel perfect for those looking to taste awesome learn creative cocktails and booze-infused treats. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Tipsy Bartender is known for its unique drinks and extensive playlist with almost 190 videos on shots. From Peanut Butter Cup shots to Mac and Cheese shots, they cover innovative and fun drink options that cater to a wide range of tastes.

Notable Features:

  • Extensive playlist with diverse recipes
  • Unique and innovative drink ideas
  • Tips for bartending and mixology

Vlad SlickBartender

Vlad SlickBartender operates a popular channel offering bartending services from Las Vegas, New York, to Miami. His audience is treated to many educational videos and content regarding all facets of bartending, including flair techniques. Vlad is considered a reliable source of information for anyone interested in bartending for events or picking up skills flair bartending for personal use.

Notable Features:

  • Exclusive bartending services content
  • Impressive flair techniques
  • Event-based bartending insights

Educational Content for Aspiring Bartenders

Aspiring bartenders can greatly benefit from the wealth of educational content on YouTube. Several channels focus on teaching the art of mixology, bartending tips, bar tricks, and cocktail recipes. Here are some of the best channels to check out:

Small Screen Drinks

Small Screen Drinks is a fantastic YouTube channel teaching mixology and cocktail recipes. The channel features a variety of content, including:

  • Cocktail Recipes: Learn classic and modern cocktail recipes with step-by-step instructions.
  • Bartending Techniques: Improve your shaking, stirring, and other essential techniques to create delicious drinks.
  • Interviews with Professionals: Gain insights and tips from experienced bartenders and mixologists.

The Educated Barfly

The Educated Barfly is a popular YouTube channel, perfect for learning about cocktails and their history. Some of the standout content includes:

  • Cocktail Histories: Learn about classic and modern cocktails’ origins, stories, and variations.
  • Live Demonstrations: Watch the Educated Barfly prepare cocktails while offering tips and tricks to make them yourself.
  • Tasting Notes: Understand how different ingredients and techniques affect a drink’s flavour profile.

Dave Allred TheRealBarman

Dave Allred, also known as TheRealBarman, offers a wealth of informative content on his YouTube channel. Subscribers can learn from:

  • Bar and Restaurant Management: Acquire essential knowledge for running a successful establishment.
  • Bartender Training: Learn skills to improve service and increase tips.
  • Customer Service Tips: Enhance guest experiences and build loyal customers through exceptional service.

Each of these YouTube channels can equip aspiring bartenders with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their craft. You can expand your understanding of bartending and mixology by exploring the content from Small Screen Drinks, The Educated Barfly, and Dave Allred TheRealBarman.

Bartender Vlogs and Personalities

Bartending Pro

Bartending Pro is a channel that focuses on professional bartending techniques, tricks, and tips for both beginners and experienced bartenders. The content ranges from basic bar terminology to advanced mixology techniques, ensuring viewers have the necessary skills to excel in their careers. This channel is recommended for anyone wanting to excel in the industry or expand their bartending knowledge.

How To Drink

How To Drink specializes in creating visually appealing and informative cocktail tutorials. Each video demonstrates how to make classic and contemporary drinks while providing their historical backgrounds and flavour profiles. The host, Greg, shares recipes and emphasizes glassware and presentation, making this an ideal channel for those who want to discover new cocktails and finesse their craft.

Behind the Bar

Behind the Bar is a YouTube channel that offers a unique perspective on bartending by interviewing bartenders from around the world about their experiences and inspirations. The channel provides valuable insights into the industry and shares knowledge and stories from professionals who have spent years perfecting their craft. If you’re curious about the lives and minds of the best bartenders around, Behind the Bar is a worthwhile channel to explore.


Thirsty Bartenders is an online hub for expert bartending wisdom and mixology magic. Hosted by a spirited squad of professional bartenders, the channel offers diverse content, from cocktail tutorials to tips and tricks for making cocktails and maximizing efficiency behind the bar. Whether you’re an aspiring bartender or a seasoned professional, Thirsty Bartenders can refresh your skillset and inspire you in the mixology world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top mixology channels to follow on YouTube for learning cocktails?

Top mixology channels to follow on YouTube for learning basic cocktails include Steve the Bartender, Cocktail Chemistry, and Tipsy Bartender. These channels offer various cocktail recipes, techniques, and tips, catering to different skill levels and interests.

How do you distinguish between famous bartenders and mixologists on YouTube?

Famous bartenders generally focus on creating creative drinks, while mixologists specialise in crafting unique and innovative cocktails. However, the distinction can be blurry, as some YouTube channels might feature a mix of bartending and mixology content.

Which YouTube channels offer the best tutorials for aspiring bartenders?

Some top YouTube channels offering valuable tutorials for aspiring bartenders include Zack Prohaska and the Small Screen Network channel, which has a free video series named “Raising the Bar” leading bartenders and hosted by industry heavyweights. These channels teach the basics of bartending, proper techniques, and classic cocktail recipes.

Are there any YouTube bartenders that provide both entertainment and educational content?

Yes, some of the best YouTube channels for bartenders provide both entertainment and educational content. For instance, the Tipsy Bartender and Slick Bartender channels not only showcase various cocktails and bartending techniques but also present all the recipes and content in a fun and entertaining way, making them engaging for viewers.