Mixology Trends

Stay ahead of mixology trends with creative garnishing, insights into the latest crafted beverages, and a guide to the best tools for home bartenders.

4 Types of Mixology You Should Know

Unlock the secrets of mixology with our guide to the essential techniques, ingredients, and styles

Caesar Drink Food Pairing

Enhance your Caesar drinking experience with the perfect food pairings. Discover the best dishes to enjoy from spicy wings to refreshing seafood with the classic Canadian cocktail.

Are Gin and Vodka the Same?

Gin and vodka are two distinct types of alcohol with unique histories, production processes, and flavour profiles.

What Drinks Go in Collins Glasses?

Collins glasses are tall and slender, perfect for refreshing cocktails. From classic drinks like the Tom Collins and Gin Fizz to more modern creations, these glasses are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your drink game.

Manhattan vs Old Fashioned Cocktails: What’s the Difference?

Manhattans versus Old Fashioned cocktails pits two of the oldest and most famous cocktails against one another. Which one is the better cocktail?

Cobbler Shaker vs Boston Shaker- Which Is Better?

If you’re looking into mixing your own drinks the type of mixer you choose makes a difference, and there are two, popular variations to choose from.

Top 5 Easy Shots for Bartenders Explained

Learn the five easiest popular shots to make as a bartender and everything you need to know to make the best shots.

Japanese Jigger vs Bell Jigger Compared – Which to Use

Are you wondering which jigger is right for you? Learn the differences between the
Japanese and Bell Jiggers, plus how to use them in this article.

Inside of a pub

Origins of Some Popular Alcoholic Beverages

Have you ever wondered about what you’re drinking all those times you’ve been in a bar or restaurant? Ever sat there, rolling the stem of a cocktail glass through your fingertips or studying the label on a beer bottle, and thought: where does it come from? What goes into it? Why was it made? Take…

Ceasar cocktail

Bartender’s Drinks: The Mighty Ceasar

Like the historical figure it is named after, the Ceasar continues to reign supreme as one of the most infamous cocktails of all time. This timeless classic can satisfy whether you are recovering from the night before, looking for a tasty treat or a rockin hearty nightcap. Born in 1969 in Calgary, Alberta, by restaurateur…